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Posted on Mar 27, 2012

Values Quotes – Robert Goddard on Resolve

Today’s quote is from Robert Goddard, credited as the Father of Modern Rocketry. I recently wrote a blog post about the amazing relationship of Goddard and his wife. His resolve is inspiring and worth noting again here.

Later in his work, Goddard stated:

“It is not a simple matter to differentiate unsuccessful from successful experiments. . . .[Most] work that is finally successful is the result of a series of unsuccessful tests in which difficulties are gradually eliminated.”

Goddard was a man who embraced the value of resolve that helped him pursue his dream of sending a rocket into space. While most people just saw failure after failure after failure. Goddard was seeing progress.

As a differentiating value, Resolve means determination or will power; finding a solution to a problem.  For Goddard, he didn’t see problems. He was pursing solutions.

Do you have a dream, or a sense of purpose, or calling?

Then the value of resolve might be your best friend. Even if others might criticize you, as Goddard did with major media attacking him, I encourage you to raise your resolve. Be determined to find solutions.

You just might become the father – or mother – of something that will change the future.