Why I Blog. My Blog Strategy.

Why do I blog? I was recently asked the purpose of my blog.

Well, I write about values. Specifically differentiating values, as they relate to marketing, leadership and marriage. Why these 3 distinct areas?

It maps to our mission.

My wife, Lori, and I are in business together and we work with couples who are in business together. Our mission is to encourage husbands and wives to lead meaningful lives.

We support this mission in 3 parts: encouragement, leadership, and purpose.


To run a successful business as a husband and wife team, it requires deliberate action to encourage each other. It takes teamwork to make the dream work, and encouragement is the magic that transforms dreams into reality.

Lori writes about encouragement. She provides practical, thoughtful, and inspiring ideas to help you encourage your spouse. You can follow her blog at EncourageYourSpouse.com.

She has also produced a terrific e-book called “27 Encouraging Actions.” You can download it free from her blog.


To run a successful business – and maintain a strong healthy marriage – it requires proven leadership skills.

We use John Maxwell’s leadership resources to train and coach couples. Last year I invested 5 months of time and effort to become a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and teacher.

Maxwell’s materials are solid, with over 60 books to choose from and numerous resources to leverage.


Many couples are seeking to understanding their God-given purpose – their mission here on earth. It is more than raising up children. It is more than going to work every day, paying the bills, and trying to lead an honest, God-fearing life.

It starts with understanding what makes a couple unique, developing a shared mission, and learning to work together as a team.

We use differentiating values to identify and define what makes them unique. A free e-book is available called Developing Your Differentiating Values. It includes 423 defined values and a step-by-step process to pick the top 3 values.

Additionally, for couples in business together, they have an exceptional opportunity to leverage the asset of their business to help them fulfill their purpose. The business can be a terrific outlet to add value to others. And the clarity of purpose can serve as a magnet for customers to support the business. It’s a new kind of marketing.

My Blog Strategy

At the beginning of the year I wrote about my blog strategy. My intent is to post daily, Monday through Friday. Each day has a different focus:

  • Mondays – values as they relate to marketing
  • Tuesdays – a video highlighting a Values Quote
  • Wednesdays – values as they relate to leadership
  • Thursdays – values as they relate to marriage
  • Fridays – stories and highlights from real couples, ideally in business together

Comments and feedback are welcome – this is meant to promote dialogue.

Lori and I do appreciate if you share our blogs with others. And we’d be thrilled if you would ‘like’ our Facebook pages:

So why are we doing this?

Our big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) – or vision – is to empower husband and wives as leadership couples to make a Godly impact in the decisions being made within their communities, and ultimately the country. Real, positive change starts locally. And it starts with a husband and wife team.


What part of our mission, vision, or blog strategy resonates with you?


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I write about differentiating values and their impact on leadership, marketing, and marriage - focused on couples in business together. Read more about Robert.