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Posted on Jul 6, 2012

The Most Fun Couples

Laughter. Love. Learning. There are many ways couples can have fun.

Sadly, there appears to be a misnomer that married couples don’t have as much fun as non-married couples. However, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact this is not true.

It’s not hard to find articles and blogs attempting to address this specific issue, written by both wives and husbands. One great article I found is called Are We Having Fun Yet? The writer highlights the importance of play for a healthy marriage.

Let’s be clear here. It’s not that married couples don’t have any fun. They would just like to have MORE fun, together.

The solution? Be deliberate about having fun.

The Value of Fun

As a differentiating value, Fun means activities that are enjoyable or amusing; playfulness; or therapeutic refreshment.

For some that might mean physical activities, like playing various sports or outdoor activities, like hiking or camping. For others that might mean leisure activities like watching a movie, playing a game (board games, video games, etc.), or just soaking in some sun at the beach.

Note that rarely does fun “just happen.” It requires creating the right environment for it to occur.

Yes, vacations are planned. And it’s beneficial to schedule date nights on the calendar. But even those spontaneous moments of playfulness can be embraced because they are instinctively accepted as a priority in the relationship.

All of these can be therapeutic, if embraced with the right attitude.

Let’s see what others do.

Searching for Fun Couples

When I went looking for the most fun couples, I was disappointed not to find at least one couple claiming this title.

However, through my research I did discover a few interesting things.

  • Wedding photographers and party planners are the most common writers when referencing ‘fun couples’.  It seems fun is associated with getting married. One example was a Bicycle Wedding. Can you imagine a bride and groom on bicycle built for two, followed by 80- guests all riding through the streets of Los Angles? Sounds like fun!
  • There are more sex-related websites associated with ‘fun couples’ than any other topic. While this can be one way to have fun, I was disappointed to not find more sites dedicated to helping married couples have fun in all the other ways. Sounds like an opportunity for fun-loving writers….
  • Couples who get married later in life, often a 2nd or 3rd marriage, appear to do more fun things, at least on their wedding day. Maybe fun was missing in their first marriage. So now they choose to go the extra mile to ensure fun is incorporated into everything they do.
  • Even animated couples can have fun. Disney has a site where fans can select the most fun animated couple. Can you guess who was #1?  Jasmine & Aladdin.

So… who would you recommend as the most fun couple?  Post it here!

Let’s see if we can change the perception that married couples don’t have as much fun as others.


Who would you recommend as the most fun couple?

How can the value of fun empower you to make a difference?


Today’s value was selected from the “Fun-Recreation” category, based on the e-book Developing Your Differentiating Value.