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Are you looking for a quality, motivational speaker to add value to your next event?  I’m honored you’re considering me. I work hard to make sure everyone receives value, whether in a keynote address, workshop or 30-minute presentation.


For audiences large and small, I’m happy to customize a presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.

In addition, for each topic, attendees will receive the link to a resource page which includes the slides used in the presentation, and links to books, articles, and other helpful resources. I believe in adding value even after the presentation concludes.

Whether you need a keynote speaker, a workshop speaker, or even a half-day learning session, I can add value on any – or all – of the following topics.


I’ve been researching the values of the Fortune 500 companies – and realized there are only 17 common values. I’m currently traveling North America, presenting on these 17 common values. To learn more go to the City Tour page.


I’ve spent 20+ years in the marketing world – working with large and small companies. These presentations are from a marketing perspective:

Developing Differentiating Values:

Business leaders strive for a competitive advantage. They clearly state their mission and vision. But stated values, such as respect and integrity, tend to be the same as their competitors.  Where’s the differentiation? I show how to identify and define differentiating values that will build both the business and the brand. 

Drawing upon my 20 years experience as a marketing consultant, I share what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing Insight:

Marketers and business leaders tend to make decisions based on their intuition, observation, and trusted sources of information (sales reps, suppliers, etc.). Unfortunately the list of bad marketing decisions evident in the marketplace suggests something is missing. In this presentation, I provide a proven framework for gathering effective marketing insights that lead to better decisions and better outcomes.

Cause Marketing:

If business leaders truly have a heart and passion to help others, incorporating a cause into the brand might just be the best marketing tool for the business. Surprisingly, many businesses struggle with identifying the right cause that will generate a win-win. I help select the best cause for the business that really connects with customers, and show how to engage with employees and other partners within the community.

To download a speaking brochure on Values-Based Marketing, click here.


I’m also available to present via a webinar – contact me regarding details about this option.

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Speaking Engagement – NEXT STEPS

To discuss your event please contact me via Robert @ FergusonValues . com  or by phone at 919-757-2365.

Thank you for considering me as a possible speaker for your event!